Relationship / Constellation Counseling

In some cases, relationship counseling may be a more appropriate tool than individual therapy to address the concerns you have about your relationships. Whether you’re looking for relationship counseling for you and one partner—or for a constellation of interconnected relationships—I want to offer a flexible, intentional approach that allows time and space to explore not only the challenges you’re facing, but also the unique strengths and dynamics of your relationship(s) and the individuals in those relationships.

As I work with partners in their relationships, I help:
—Each partner clarify and communicate their desires, needs, and boundaries
—Identify patterns or relationship dynamics that cause conversations to get stuck, and help partners find flexible, creative solutions to address these dynamics
—Make sense of the often-complicated emotions that can arise when thinking about, talking about, or actively exploring consensual non-monogamy, and explore ways that those emotions—even difficult or uncomfortable ones—can be used to nurture our relationship(s)
—Partners negotiate (or re-negotiate) agreements for their relationships that respect and balance each partner’s autonomy, emotional and physical safety, investment and commitment in their relationships, and needs